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Department Of Political Science

About the Department :

The Department of Political Science is as old as the College itself and opened Major in 1985 with the help of a few faculty members. Since then, the Department has been undertaking its duties and responsibilities as well as academic services to the desirous taught. Especially, it aims at excellence in academic life for producing better citizens, social workers, teachers, lawyers, businessmen and so on.

The aims & objects of the Department are as follows:

  1. To establish popularity of political science as a subject and thus generating political and social awareness among the students ;
  2. To make the students conscious about their rights and duties as citizens of a democratic country;
  3. To cultivate democratic values and ethics into minds of the students;
  4. To create an atmosphere among the students for national integrity, unity and secularization;
  5. To encourage leadership qualities and social involvement among the students;
  6. To encourage the students in extra-curricular activities for all-round development of their personality.

So far as area, furniture and other assets of the Department are concerned, it is located on the 2nd floor of the College Library building covering two rooms-one class room and the other faculty room. It is equipped with such assets as three almirahs, four tables, five chairs, one laptop etc.

The Department is at present enriched with a library having more than seven hundred books of different categories i.e. text, reference etc.

Now, the Department is run by the four faculty members and all of them are Associate Professors.

The Department celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 1st & 2nd of October, 2011 with a grand success. The open meeting held on the last day of the jubilee was graced by the eminent political Scientists like Niru Hazarika and Nagen Sharma. It also published a Souvenir which enshrined departmental history along with others.

Faculty Members :

Sri Sailendra Saharia
Associate Professor
M.A., B.Ed.(HoD)
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Sri Imran Hussain
Associate Professor
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Dr. Simanta Prakash Barua
Assistant Professor
M.A., Phd
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Ms. Manasi Hajowary
Assistant Professor
M.A., MPhil