Department of Mathematics

About the Department :

"DREAM, DREAM, and DREAM... Dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is the thing which doesn't let you sleep..."

-A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

"Without mathematics, there is nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics... Everything around you is numbers..."

-Shakuntala Devi

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Sipajhar College. The Science Stream of the esteemed college was initiated in August, 2018 with the mission of developing the human resources of greater Sipajhar area scientifically and consequently, as mathematics is the backbone of science, the mathematics department was established in the same year itself. The department shares the vision of the college of achieving excellence in teaching in order to make it as one of the premier department of the region and it will always strive to succeed in this endeavor. As far as the academic programme of the department is concerned, it offers 3-year B.Sc. course with Mathematics as Major and General as well, which started functioning from the academic session 2018-2019. The department consists of two dedicated classrooms for holding major classes, a computer laboratory and a small departmental library.

Faculty Strength:

  1. Regular: 1
  2. Contractual: 1

Students Strength:

  1. B.Sc. 1st semester: Major - 7 and General - 11
  2. B.Sc. 3rd semester: Major - 1 and General - 16

Laboratory Facilities:

There is a well-equipped Computer Laboratory available in the department.

Departmental Library:

We have a small departmental library consisting of few Text Books and some of the Reference Books as prescribed in the syllabus, which is contributed by the students as well as the faculties of the department.

Faculty Members :

1.Rupam Haloi, M.Sc.(TU)
Position: Assistant Professor
Contact no.: - +91 97067 26087
Area of interest: Operator Theory, Fuzzy Set Theory, Sequence Space
Research Activities: Pursuing Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from NIT Silchar, Assam.
Publications: 2 in International Journal, 2 in International Conference and 1 Book.
a) International Journal Publications:
  1. R. Haloi (with M. Sen and B.C. Tripathy), Statistically Lacunary Convergence of Generalized Difference Sequences in Probabilistic Normed Spaces, Applied Sciences, 21, 2019, 107-118, SCOPUS.
  2. R. Haloi, (with M. Sen and B.C. Tripathy), - Statistically Convergent Function Sequences in Probabilistic Normed Linear Spaces, Proyecciones Journal of Mathematics, SCOPUS (In Press).
b) International Conference Publication:
  1. R. Haloi, (with M. Sen), - Statistically Convergent Multiple Sequences in Probabilistic Normed Spaces, In: V. Madhu et al.. (eds), Advances in Algebra and Analysis, Trends in Mathematics, Springer, 2018, 353-360, 978-3-030-01120-8_40, SCOPUS.
  2. R. Haloi, (with M. Sen), -Statistical Convergence of Sequences in Probabilistic n-Normed Spaces, In: N. Deo et al. (eds.), Mathematical Analysis I-Approximation Theory, Springer, 2019, 978-981-15-1153-0_20, SCOPUS.
c) Book:
  1. R. Haloi (with A. Dutta), Applications of Inner Product Spaces and Characterizations of PD Matrices, Ch. 5&6, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2017, 978-3-330-32631-6.
Awards and achievements: Worked as a JRF and then as an SRF in a major research project of 3 year duration, funded by DST-SERB, Govt. of India as a part of my Ph.D. programme.

2.Parthapratim Saha, M.Sc.
Position Assistant Professor
Contact no. - +91 9101848553
Area of interest Functional analysis, Algebra, Operator theory, sequence space
Research Activities Pursuing Ph.D. from Gauhati university.
Awards and achievements
  1. First class first in B.Sc. (Major in Mathematics) from Gauhati university
  2. BAGARIYA SCHOLAR AWARD and Gold medal for being best graduate in science in the year 2016.
  3. HARI PRASAD MEMORIAL AWARD for securing height marks (in Mathematics) in graduation under Gauhati University given by Dr. Anupm saikia (IITG) in the memory of his father.
  4. Dr. AMALA BEZBORUAH MEMORIAL AWARD-2017 for being first class first in the combined 1st and 2nd semester M.Sc. exam.
  5. GATE (2019)
  6. UGC-CSIR NET /JRF ( 2019 June and 2019 Dec)
  7. SLETNE (2019)
Workshop/ seminar :
  1. EXCERSION IN MATHEMATICS PROGRRAME sponsored by the National board for Higher Mathematics and organized by Assam Academy of Mathematics from 1st to 6th July, 2011.
  2. SPECIAL TRAINING AND CONTACT PROGRAMME held at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and North-East Center, Tezpur from December 18, 2017 to March 24, 2018.

3.Dr. Suman Agarwalla, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Position Assistant Professor
Contact no. - +91 9085444864
Area of interest Fluid Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Differential equations.
Research Activities Ph.D (Gauhati University, 2018)
  1. N. Ahmed and S. Agarwalla, Effect of heat sink on transient MHD mass transfer flow past an accelerated vertical plate with chemical reaction, Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 19(2), 273-294, 2016.
  2. N. Ahmed and S. Agarwalla, Soret effect on unsteady MHD flow past an accelerated vertical wall in presence of heat sink and chemical reaction, Conference publication ICIRESM, McGraw Hill Education. Ltd, 391-401, 2015
  3. S. Agarwalla and N. Ahmed, MHD mass transfer flow past an inclined plate with variable temperature and plate velocity embedded in a porous medium, Heat Transfer Asian Research, Wiley publications, Vol. 47, 27-41, 2017.
  4. S. Agarwalla and N. Ahmed, Effects of chemical reaction and diffusion-thermo on an MHD three dimensional flow past a vertical porous plate, Journal of Energy Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 39, 115-140, 2017.
  5. N. Ahmed, K. Choudhury and S. Agarwalla, Hydromagnetic free convective flow past a vertical plate moving with time dependent plate velocity, Far East Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol. 96(6), 331-350, 2017.
  6. A. Sinha, N. Ahmed and S. Agarwalla, MHD free convective flow through a porous medium past a vertical plate with ramped wall temperature, Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 11(20), 963-974, 2017
  7. A. H. Sheikh, N. Ahmed and S. Agarwalla, Heat and mass transfer in transient MHD radiating flow through an infinite annulus in a porous medium in presence of chemical reaction, Journal of Calcutta Mathematical Society, Vol. 13 (1), 1-24, 2017
Paper Presentations :
  1. International Conference on Frontiers in Mathematics (ICFM), March 26-28, 2015, organized by Department of Mathematics, Gauhati University, Guwahati.
  2. International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering Science and Management (ICIRESM), 2015, Academic Science, at JNU, Delhi.
  3. National Seminar on Advances in Mathematical Sciences (NSAMS), December 22, 2015, organized by Department of Mathematics, Gauhati University and Assam Academy of Mathematics.
  4. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Physics of Fluids & Solids (NCETPFS), March 03-04, 2016, organized by Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
  5. National Conference on Mathematics and its Applications (NCMA), October 21-22, 2016, organized by Department of Mathematics, Cotton College, Guwahati.
  6. International Conference on Applications of Fluid Dynamics (ICAFD), December 19-21, 2016, organized by Department of Applied Mathematics, Indian School of Mines (IIT), Dhanbad in association with Fluid Mechanics Group, Department of Mathematics, University of Botswana, Botswana.
  7. International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematics and its Applications (ICRAMA) , Jul 16-18, 2019, organized by Department of Mathematics, Tripura University, Tripura, India
Awards and achievements :
  1. Qualified State Eligibility Test (SET), NE for Lectureship, 2018.