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Department Of Education

About the Department :

The Department of Education was started since the establishment of the college in 1971. The Major Course in Education was started on 14th July 1995.The sole aim of opening of Major Course in Education was to meet the increasing demand of student and to give the opportunity to learn more in the field of Education.

The Department has a departmental Library contributed by both the teachers and the students.

The college aspires to be the Centre of Excellence for Higher Education and a Seat for Development of Human Resources in the greater Sipajhar area.

  1. Main book - 1046
  2. Reference book - 121
  3. Name of the in-charge Dr. Sultana Rezia.
  4. Function lending and spot reading.

Best graduates of the College from Education Department.

  1. Kalpana Deka , 2014
  2. Musaddika Begum, 2016
  3. Barasa Kalita, 2018
  4. Nishita Sharma, 2019

In 18th August, 2019 Silver Jubilee was celebrated with active participation of alumni association of the department and a souvenir was also published.

One Departmental Wall Magazine UNMESHA has been published since the session 1999-2000 by the Department. SIKSHA CHORA- a departmental organisation has been organised since the inception of the department. A bi-lingual magazine (both Assamese and English) is also released annually since 1999.

Academic activities :

Regular Seminars, Lectures, Discussions and Workshops are conducted in the Department. Micro-teaching, Field survey and Educational Excursion have been conducted by the Department in each year.

The examination result of the Department is very satisfactory. In first batch (Major) one student got first class in 1997. From 2007 2011, thirteen (13) students of the Department obtained 1st class including the position holders in the university final examination. In 2012 in the 1st semester one (1) student obtains 10 point.

Alumni Association :

The Departmental Alumni Association has been formed since its inception and alumni meet has been organised regularly in the Department, keeping in view the all round development of the Department as well as the college. Alumni Association now going to organised a lecture cum alumni meet as well as releasing a souvenir on the occasion.

Faculty Members :

Dr. Sultana Rezia
Assistant Professor
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Dr. Kashmiri Nath
Assistant Professor
MA,B.Ed,M phil,Ph.D
Ms. Bismita Medhi
Assistant Professor