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Department Of Economics

About the Department :

Sipajhar College was set up to meet the academic aspiration of the economically andsocially backward student's community of the area and the Department of Economics alsohas been trying to explore the academic talents from the students. The Major Course inEconomics was opened in the year 1993 with a view to fulfill the academic needs andaspirations of the poor students of this rural locality. From the beginning, the facultymembers of the department had tried to provide need based education with right way to thestudents for their higher education. Therefore, every year, the students of the department ofEconomics had been showing expected results since a long year. the passed-outstudents ofthe department have been engaged in different governments, semi-governments as well asprivate sectors as their main occupation. Through the guardian meeting in every academicyear, the faculty members of the department have been trying to find out the problem ofstudents and meet up the problems in different short-term as well as long term policieswithin a stipulated period of time. The department has linked with Alumni-Association andthe association has been sharing their career oriented as well as other useful views amongthem which is one of the most important characteristics of the department.With the initiativeof former head late Dwijendra Nath Talukdar a wall magazine named SNOW BROOK waspublished at the first time which is still has been publishing in every academic session bythe students. Besides this, a departmental mouthpiece named RESOURCE, has beenpublishing since 2016. A Photo Gallery also made by the students in collaboration withteachers to focus different departmental events as a record for new comer students at thecollege since 2015. The department has its own library where the relevant books are stockedfor the teachers and students. It is maintained through the contributions of the faculty andthe ex-students as well. There are more than 240 no. of text books and 170 no. of referencebooks. The department has its own computer with HP printer where all the course relatedworks, Career Advancement for the teachers can be done. We have also broadbrandconnection with Wi-Fi network. From 2014 to 2019 from our department was secured 23no. of students first class holders. In 2015 our student name Aparupa Sarma was got bestgraduate award from Darrang-Udalguri zone. Thus we are trying to give academic supportto our students.

Faculty Members :

Mrs. Gultaz Begum
Assistant Professor
MA, M.Phil (HoD)
Dr.Sastri Ram Kachari
Assistant Professor
MA, Ph.D (Net Qualifified)
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