Department of ECONOMICS

About the Department :

Higher education in Assam has expanded very rapidly in the last four decades after independence. Sipajhar College is also one of the leading institutions of higher education in Darrang District. The Pre-University(Arts) course had been introduced in the year 1971. The degree course(General) was introduced in 1981. The degree course(Major) in 1991 to meet the demand for the students of the socio-economically backward class of this locality and to make them intellectually aware so that they can represent Sipajhar College throughout the State and national forum. It is known that knowledge is power. Intellectual power is the most precious quality. One should study Economics for socio-economic and cultural awareness and also for moral, intellectual and spiritual development.

Faculty Members :

1.Mrs. Gultaz Begum, MA, M.Phil
Position - Assistant Professor
Contact no. - 9859425591
Email -
Area of interest - Market Structure, Economic Development,ChildLabour.
Research Activities - Ph.D.Thesis Submitted atDravidian University, Andhra Pradesh.
Publications - A text book on Engineering Economics forB.E.,B.A., B.Sc., Diploma and Management Courses. Four Research Papers published in National Journal with ISSN NO.
Awards and achievements - M.Phil. in 2008

2Ms Nayana Kalita, (Part time), M.A.

3Sri Nirup Deka, (Part time), M.A.